Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh How He Loves Us!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer has been busy!

Well, its been forever since I have been on here. Guess I got caught up in the facebook craze:) That and the fact I didn't have a computer for awhile. Either way, so far my summer has consisted of Nick getting to come home twice. Once for five days and the last time for about 2 weeks. The last time was ever so much needed , but it was also that much harder to see him go:(
We did so much fun stuff together, made some memories to last a lifetime. Wrecked our car. Well, he did that all by himself, but ... thats ok. lol. Then when he had to fly out I hurriedly tried to put my life back to norm in about three days so that I could be ready to have gall bladder surgery. I went in and had a very good experience all things considered of which I thank God for. I was a little worried knowing that things do sometimes go wrong, but I prayed about it and it went great. I am now in Mi and have been for the last week healing up, but I feel really good now and am going back to Oh soon. This summer has not gone at all as I thought that it would and it has been very hard but I am thankful to God for so many things that He has done. I am trusting Him to do what I cannot do alone. There is one thing that I know, Life is really really crazy and goes exactly the way you don't think it will, but God knew exactly the way it would go and that is so good for me to know, because He knows everything and He has a plan for me, and that is good enough for me:)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pilgrim's Progress

Hmmm... Been thinking. Guess i'm in a little pensive, so much change all the time that its hard to deal with. Many people do not like change or very rarely welcome it. I am not necessarily one of those people. But, I do like to have some stability in my life. As of late, there has not been any. So, I sometimes feel lost. Today is one of those days. When I just feel like there is something I'm supposed to be doing, but there isn't. When, I think that I have somewhere to be , but i don't. One thing I know though is that God has been everywhere that I have been , He hasn't left. Some days that is harder to see than others. Some days take a lot of faith , others seem to just flow by. But the more time goes by, one thing has started to make sense to me. Life really is a journey, it really is a lot like "Pilgrim's Progress." There really are people out there that just want you to spend your whole life , wasting it , playing around. There really are people that think that they have it all figured out and they want to show you the easy way to go. And the Lions really do jump out and try to get you, only sometimes, I think that their claws actually do cut your skin, and even though its not fatal, you are left with a wound that takes time to heal. I think that is where I find my self today. Trying to let Him heal the wound. I have faith that He will. I am taking this journey , one day at a time. To do more than that is beyond what I can do. So , I wake up each day and do the best that i can do that day.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Her Flamingo jammies!

Hippo outfit

The back

Greggy girl

Baby Nay

Janie and Jack dress

I have to say the slides at Sonic are the best that I have ever been on they were even fun and comfy for me!

JADE went right to this slide and went right down it and scared me to death but she did ok and then did it several more times .


Jade throwing sand and loving it!

This slide is very big and you have to climb steep steps to get to it.
It was well over 70 and sunny and we were almost in paradise. Her little cheeks were already getting sun burnt!

Jade was a little spit fire today ! She wanted to do the very highest and hardest of everything!
Well, for those of you who haven't heard, Nick is being deployed sometime in the next three weeks. He will be going to Italy where he is giong to be based for the next three years. But he will only be there for 2-3 months and then he will go to Afghanistan for a year.Jade and I are going to be moving to Ohio for the summer and see what happens after that. We don't get to see Nick very much right now so here are some pics of us trying to stay busy so we don't go crazy:)

Jade and I's Happenings!

Jade at Pizza Hut with me doing her very favorite thing.... drinking , or shall we say guzzling Sprite.

She's trying to rub the mess of Pizza of her hands.

She can say pizza now and every once in awhile will ask for some.


She finally learned to say cheese so you can actually get her to look at the camera now!

Puppy with Rosie. She LOVED it!

Jade just kept kissing her over and over.

Kristina and JAde with the puppy. We stayed at Ryan and Mary's house for the a few days and had a great time.

We celebrated Holly's Birthday while we were there and this is the cake that Vicki got her from BonBonnerie. Its SNOW WHITE! I LOVED IT!



I think this might have been after Grandmas chocolate cake.

This is JAde during one of her rash episodes. They come and go very frequently and if not given enough benedryl all the time will get like this with her eye almost shut.We cant figure out what it is that she is allergic too!

This is Ava, my friends Crystal's baby girl. We went to high school together so its neat to be able to have baby girls at the same time. I think she is a cutie!

Jade giving her kisses!

Uncle Jeremy with the bathing beauty's! They use him for a trampoline i think sometimes.

Jade's favorite thing is to get on your chest and then bounce on you with earth shattering power!

Jade at the Rivertown mall, eating an ice cream from Dairy Queen.

She dearly enjoyed it!

Melissa and MOM and I at the Amway Grand Motel.

Jade and Emma sitting on a barrel at the tapas restaraunt that we went to.
Neither of them were in the best of moods that day so this was the best that we could manage at the moment.

I just had to put a picture of her in pig tails because they are just too cute!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

People that encourage me!

I have been reading the blog of a man who is now kinda famous. His wife died within 24 hours of giving birth to their daughter because of a blood clot. And he has started this blog to map his and his daughters journey without their wife and mother. To relive the pain I think. To write out his confusion. Writing definately does that for me. But I think I saw today that he calls his blog readers creepy as a kinda joke about them wanting to read his blogs. Because there are thousands that read it. And I started thinking why is it that people like myself want to read some random man's blog about his wife dying and their little girl? And then I thought probably because when you read the terrible , horrific things that other people go through and yet they lean on God and they pull through every awful day, and they just keep on going, you catch on to it and whatever you are going through you realize that you aren't the only one and that no matter what you are gonna be able to see tomorrow . Tomorrow might not be better than today but I am always going to hope that it is. And just to know that your heart won't break of grief is amazingly satisfying to know. And these people I read about every day are the proof. Life is hard and it tries to get the better of you. But then you see these beautiful testimonies of people who refused to let it. They don't know what life brings but they are going to do the best with whatever it brings. And maybe because it is so refreshing to see someone do what people can't seem to do these days. He knew he had a daughter to take care of and he has done it with the utmost care of a mother. When these days most people would just given up he is picking up where He needs to and doing the job that He wasn't prepared to do. Being a single father . Trying to tell a baby girl all about her mother. The message that yes, you can go on one more day and yes it is worth it in the end.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm back!

Well, sorry everyone that has been concerned about Jade's rash. It did go away when we gave her benedryl but then came back a week later. Which is now, and so we are giving it to her again and trying to figure out what it is that is making her so allergic! I got a car so I can actually go places now! Yay. But my computer got a virus so hopefully i can get it fixed soon and give more updates and pictures , for now I am stuck going to the Public library which isn't a joy. Jade says hi to everyone and hopefully we'll be back soon!